Mi Fashion Crackle glitter magic Review.

Hello my readers, Today I would like to share my thoughts on this nail set which I had bought from Amazon India that is Mi Fashion Crackle glitter magic.

Price: Rs 350

My take on it: The product as the name suggests itself definitely gives crackle effect if applied according to the instructions given. I’ve seen this effect on glitter base as well as normal nail color base. The crackled effect is really nice. In other words, I do like this product.

  1. Pros: Quiet affordable
  2. true to it’s claims
  3. lasts quite a long time
  1. Cons: Not easily available

My Rating: ♥️♥️♥️/5

Thank you for reading till end. See you soon.


Which is Better Lacto Calamine or VLCC Lavang Moisturizer for Oily skin?

Hello friends, Before starting this blog I would like to share a new idea I’m going to have for my post for which I was inspired from an Indian Beauty Youtuber @RiyaBeauty . I’ve decided that I’m going to compare two very popular products and would like to see whether their similar claims are better or not. This time I’m going to compare Lacto Calamine Skin Balance Daily Nourishing Lotion for Oil control and VLCC Lavang Moisturizer for Oily skin  As you can see both these products claim that they are better for Oily skin. But I suffer from cystic acne as well. Hence, I will be differentiating their uses for my oily adult cystic acne prone skin.

Therefore, To start with. Let’s see for Lacto Calamine Skin Balance Daily Nourishing Lotion for Oil Control.


This Lotion claims that

Lacto Calamine comes with a Lacto Classic to give your skin that youthful glow. The Lacto Calamine Skin Balance Oil Control moisturizer is perfectly designed for men and women. Enriched with kaolin and glycerin, this Lacto Classic moisturizer will give you that silky smooth skin. Also, kaolin will treat the acne on your skin and will also prevent them from occurring. Glycerin is one good antioxidant that will protect your skin from pollution.


Features & details

  • Non-greasy creamy blend
  • Quick absorbing makes skin soft and supple
  • Helps to maintain your skin’s natural moisture balance

Whether it worked or not: For me, First of all regarding packaging I do like the way it is so simple and you don’t have to use your fingers to dig inside and use the product. Also, The scent is not at all strong. The texture of the cream is matte and oil free which also when applying on the skin, I can’t see the oil as for atleast 2to 3 hours. This Lacto Calamine Lotion actually helps in cleaning my acne well. It calms down the new existing acne and heal the old ones. In Final words, I really love this lotion and it’s perfect for summer and humid seasons for my oily cystic acne prone skin. Although it can’t be used in winters as I suffer from combination skin, I would like to keep it in my skin routine for the other seasons.

Now Let’s discuss about VLCC Skin Defence Lavang Moisturizer  for Oily and non greasy skin.


Key Ingredients and claims:


How it worked on me: As we can see, the moisturizer comes in leak proof bottle and is quite travel friendly. The texture is neither thick nor too runny for an oily skin. This VLCC Lavang Moisturizer smells like heaven. I loved  using it every time. Although this has no SPF and so can be used in the night time, I never used it as a night cream. It never broke me out and my skin felt supple and soft. The best of all It calmed my acne. I don’t believe a product can actually cure oiliness as I’m a doctor and have learnt that it’s natural. So, I never cared whether I remained oil free or not whilst I used this. But to be Frank, My face definitely after few hours converted into frying pan for which I have no complains. ( yeah I know, I’m a weirdo..😂)

So To Sum up the comparison. I simply loved these moisturizers for my oily skin. In fact I’m going to buy them again and again if possible as I prefer affordable skin care nor luxurious ones.

These are easily available online as well as offline. I highly recommend them to oily skin girls.

Thank you for reading till end. See you soon. ❤

Lotus herbals Basiltone Cucumber & Basil Cleansing and Refreshing skin toner Review

Hello my dear readers, Recently I’ve been trying a lot of skin care products for my acne prone skin & trying to see whether these work for my hormonal cystic acne or not. So this time, I’ve come up with the review of Lotus Herbals Basiltone Cucumber and Basil Refreshing and Cleansing Skin toner. 

Currently I’ve been using this toner for a quite sometime & I feel like this is the right time to review it.


Key ingredients and claims: 


My take on the product: So as you can see the packaging of the bottle is quite good and sturdy. It’s leek proof and travel friendly. Also, a good amount of product is visible from outside. The scent of the toner is just like the smell of fresh cucumbers. When I apply this toner with the help of a cotton ball, it doesn’t give any stingy feel. Hence, it simply calms the skin. Also I don’t feel like it does anything for acne. While using it, I continued to face small whiteheads and even big pimples once in a while. In short, it didn’t provide any difference to skin. I clearly don’t recommend it to the people who suffer from oily cystic acne prone skin. 

Pros: easily available; alcohol free; leak proof packaging

cons: false claims. 

My rating: 🖤🖤 (2/5) 

Thank you guys for reading. See you soon. 😊

Review of Biotique Bio Kelp Protein Shampoo For Falling hair


Hello guys; Here I’m with another post where I will be reviewing a hair care product which I’ve been using for a while. It is a Bio Kelp Protein shampoo for falling hair from a brand called Biotique; which you all will be quite familiar with.

This product claims to be cleansing my hair along with providing a fair amount of desired nutrients for hair growth.

Key ingredients and claims:


How it worked: As you can see, I suffer from hairfall which is hormonal induced due to my PCOS. So I have to take a lot of care to prevent my falling hair. Recently, I’ve been currently intrigued in trying out essential oils for this. (Ofcourse I’ll be discussing about them some other day).

I always oil my hair before shampooing it out. So when I washed out my hair with it, My hair does feel less dry and hairfall is mildly reduced. For some people it might look like it doesn’t work. I also use conditioner from Patanjali and sometimes will use deep conditioner with it. But here is the thing do I recommend it? I will say NO.

This Bio Kelp Protein Shampoo can be very natural for hair, but it gave me severe bout of dandruff & now I’ve to use it alternately with an anti dandruff shampoo as I can’t stop using this boutique shampoo.

So finally speaking, This shampoo is great but it will not be great for particular people; in short people have to use it and then make their opinion regarding this product. As I’ve always felt even though some reviews can help, but most of the times everyone is unique & so does the effects of products they are using.

My Rating: 🖤🖤🖤

Positive points: Completely herbal; easily available; economically priced; does lather well; control of hairfall

Negative points: I suffered from dandruff; might not work on some people.

So this is all. Thank you guys for stopping by!! See you soon. ❤

The Disease that changed the Whole Me!

What do you do when suddenly out of nowhere you receive the news of being ill. It’s as if your whole world collides in a single collision causing you to disassemble yourself. This exactly what happened to me when I realised that I have PCOS and after 2 years I learnt that I suffer from anxiety. 

My world was already collapsing when I heard news or saw my symptoms as I’m a doctor in making so I correlated my symptoms with the disease most of the time. Until I took lab tests and read my dreadful diagnosis. 

This disease PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Disease) , for a girl is actually a curse rather than anything you want to call it. In PCOS, small ovarian cysts develop and there develops the hormonal imbalance. Signs and symptoms of hyperandrogenism develops and females ultimately becomes infertile. 

I first of all developed irregular menstruation as my symptom, as delayed and more painful periods. My Mom would think that it’s because of my stress that I’m having late periods but in the end I manifested PCOS. Then I developed painful bout of cystic acne and ultimately I started seeing my full balls of hair coming out during my shower as big as a size of a tennis ball. I started feeling bald and the worst of all I started feeling depressed and not only this disease changed my outlook towards people, it changed my vision towards myself as well. 

In other words, having suffered from this disease gave me a life long never ending suffering. This PCOS most of the times is lifestyle induced and has a long term complications such as people become more susceptible to Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. I don’t exactly make excuses of why or how I developed this disease as I knew 100% of the times that I had very bad lifestyle habits since when it happened. 

In my blog I won’t be writing about what are signs or symptoms of it or how exactly is pathogenesis of this disease PCOS as there are already numerous articles regarding this disease on internet. But I would really like to emphasise on how it affected me in these years. 

Unfortunately having it only gave me depression. I clearly don’t feel healthy anymore and it hurts. I’ve tried numerous healthy alternatives to control this disease but somehow I’ve always ended up taking Hormonal contraceptives in these 3 years. But I still am not going to give up on myself. Hence, I’m trying. Today My diet has become more healthier than ever and my daily routine does contain some healthy DIYs that might help my symptoms. I’m in my young adulthood & This PCOS is growing with me. I really hope I someday can find out the permanent relief If not permanent, I can still find some remedy. I really wish. 


~ So What happens ~

So what happens when you start thinking about how people affect you. When some humans try to molest your thoughts & actions. You eventually tend to restrict harder and harder which gets even worse than that.

So what happens When you start acknowledging the fact that you might be stronger than you think. The whole world starts collapsing when you learn that you can deal with each and every problem no matter how perturbing they can be. Finally know how it is affecting you.

So what happens when you learn that you love someone, deeply enough that you can drown yourself in the love. More you realize that, More you fall in love. And when it’s time to let go, you can’t seem to do it. The person becomes your only universe. So how it feels.

When the right time comes even in your darkest hours, You seem to have that light even your own silhouette is afraid of. The imperfections, The restrictions, The realizations that’s what make your life worth living for. So what is going to happen when You will find the New You When you won’t have enough space for those faults. What will your life be when You will be perfect in this imperfect world.

When life is throwing some thorns at us, why can’t we pick roses in return.