Trying to learn…

Whenever I feel like I’m starting to overcome a very important phase in my life, I should let myself deal with it. I should try to make peace with it. Right. But then why am I not able to do it?

There is this dark grey cloud of expectations of people hanging above me, which can any time rained down ruining my personal experience. People are emotional vampires but at the same time, I dont want to please them. Without pleasing anyone in return, I want to perform extremely well. Yet at the same time, its getting harder every day.

My in charge praised me one day, now I feel like I’m disappointing him. It hurts so much. How can I overcome this. Then I decided to try to learn something such as trying to learn to be patient and not being in a hurry.

On pinterest I found out that, the easiest way can be where I will try for mindfulness technique then pausing to learn to think before speaking. I hope these things might help because I know there will come a day when my shortcomings will get the better of me.

Review Baidyanath Olive Body oil

We all try to moisturize ourselves after bathing. And I’m that girl who prefers to use either body oil or body lotion. So I was browsing over internet to buy some body care products. One of them was from the brand called Baidyanath.

Let us see how it fared on me.

My take on the product: I have an extremely dry body skin. Hence even in summers I have to use either body lotion or body oil after bathing. In winters I would mix body lotion with body oil to get the heavy moisturizing effect. This body oil is so soothing on skin and while containing sandalwood fragrance makes it more aromatic. While I apply it after bath, this maintains my skin soft and not so oily. It feels just perfect on skin.

My ratings: ❤❤❤❤❤/5

I highly recommend this body oil.


  • True to its claims
  • Affordable
  • Herbal


  • Not easily available offline.

Overall my experience in using this oil has been amazing. I highly doubt that this product won’t work for me.

Thank you guys for reading till end. See you in my next post. 🙂

Life lately…

Today I would like to share my thoughts on How am I handling what life is offering me?

This life is not what used to be; the fact where I used to be ‘myself ‘ and now it has become so puzzling. Even its pieces are difficult to get sorted.

Although my anxiety has stopped taking over me and also I have started being more of myself again with new day and new beginnings. It’s still tough to let you strive for coming times.

My life has been bitter sweet to me this year. Ofcourse I know that COVID 19 pandemic has affected almost each human soul who has been breathing the oxygen on this earth. Hence I was also.

It took someone precious away from me, realizing how one’s life stirred so many feels into the hearts of one’s loved ones. There is a reason why they are seemed to be called your family.

But there is an irony as well, I’m also getting married in coming months. It’s quite funny when you start to blame your life for being so cruel, it starts giving you another reason for you to believe in and be positive in every waking step of your life.

Whenever I tried and lost my balance, I seemed to change the steering wheel of my own life car but guess, there is always a U turn for yourself. This is how uncertainty arises.

Nevertheless I wish to continue to strive for best. Life lately has not been as fulfilling but it will be in coming years. Thanks to that Almighty.

Thank you guys for reading till end. It was just my rant on how my life was in 2020. May it will give me more reasons to love. Till then see you soon in my next post. 🙂❤

Review of Khadi Mauri Peel off mask

There was the time when I use to believe in peel off masks like hell. They played on my skin so beautifully. I would love how they felt on my skin while after peeling how they will make my skin cool. But with time, I’ve felt that peel off masks just won’t do anything. I’ve never felt the usual glow not even those nourishing qualities one can ever expect. But this is actually the last time I’m applying the peel off mask from the brand called Khaudi Mauri Herbals Peel off mask and did I love it. Let’s see.

My take on the product: The product is quite thick as we can see it comes in a bottle. Therefore to open it out, it gets quite cumbersome just to take out the product. Moreover the product comes in the form of jelly kind of texture as we already know it’s a peel off mask. Now to its claims, I literally don’t feel that it does anything to my skin. Infact I feel like it just adds just layer of product onto my skin which gets peeled off after a while. Overall, my experience is poor and I wont recommend it for a purchase.

Positive points: herbal; easily affordable, made in India.

Negative points: It just doesn’t work; didnt cause acne but didnt even took care of the skin.

Thank you guys for reading till end. Hope to see you soon.

P.s. I wont be continuing onto my weekly challenge posts. They will be on hold.

Aroma magic mineral glow scrub Review

We all love to exfoliate our skin on weekly basis so as to clear out the dead skin that’s why in a skincare routine weekly scrubbing is almost as important as daily cleansing toning and moisturizing routine. Therefore I bought this scrub to see whether it worked for oily cystic hormonal adult acne prone skin or not.

Key ingredients and claims

The thing about scrubs for oily skin is very rarely face scrubs might work for the skin. As most of the time these face scrubs have a quite amount of creamy texture that can precipitate acne. I had one face scrub from the brand called the bodycare which was lavender based. Although it scrubbed quite well, the acne I got another day was horrible. So its important for any product to see whether it’s working for skin or not is to atleast let it use for 1 to 2 day. Then atleast half of the thoughts can be gathered.

Whether I liked it or not: We all know that Blossom Kochar’s Aroma Magic is a made in India brand, which I have been trying and love for quite some time. This face scrub comes in a durable packaging and where the texture is not too creamy but the granules are extremely fine to use. I have been using this product on twice weekly basis. There is also written that this product can also be used as a face pack, but I never tried it for the same. So do I recommend it? I would say that yes. It’s perfect for oily skin and the scent is also not too overwhelming.

Positive thoughts

  • Easily available and affordable
  • Herbal
  • An old staple brand present in India for a while
  • Made in India
  • True to its claims

Negative thoughts

  • Not found any.

My rating: 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤/5 (5 hearts)

Thank you for reading till end. Hope to see you in my next post. 😊

Weekly challenges for my blog Update #2

So how far I’ve come through. Hello people, as we all know I’m trying to control everything especially the negative habits of my life. Therefore let us see where I am after this week.

1. The very first challenge about my body weight. This week I just couldn’t work for my body weight. As I was going through low mood with frequent crying spells. I tried some comfort eating. Although I don’t comfort eat everytime, I just couldn’t help this time as it was getting serious. So yes sadly I failed this week.

2. The next was about no spending on unnecessary things. This week just as I was comfort eating myself, I sadly bought some Do it yourself embroidery kits. So yes, I did spend this week. Hopefully the next week there will not be any hurdle.

Thank you for following. See you soon guys in my next post 😊

Weekly challenge for my blog Update #1

Pic credits from pinterest.

So 1 week back I had posted about the challenges what I will try for my own body and self care.

#1 The first challenge was regarding my health which was no spend on unhealthy things and maintaining the healthy lifestyle.

I had spend on burger the day before yesterday which was because I was craving about it so bad but then I had overcame the calories by doing the exercise and skipping a meal.

For my habits, I’m trying for nightly exercises which I have decided before going to bed.

My current measurements

  • 11.5 in Right and 11.5 in left shoulder
  • 29 in belly
  • 34 in lower abdomen
  • 21 in Left and Right thigh

#2 Next challenge would be, No spend on unnecessary things. This challenge was to make sure I dont buy as in compulsively and yes I am so far able to work through my impulses. The times I’ve bought is one where I needed my phone covers and notebooks.

For my next update of the week. I’ll see what and how I’ll conquer my weight and no spending goals.

Thank you for following me in my weekly challenges. See you soon.

Review of Jiva CItrus Lotion

As we all know that I have an oily cystic acne prone skin and I always tend to use double cleansing method for my skin. I am also a skincare junkie so I had to try this new brand Jiva. (For further information please click on the link). This is an ayurvedic herbal brand and it offers numerous products on various health and body related issues. Moreover I never had a bad experience in buying their products. From their brand I had bought this Jiva Citrus lotion and do I love it. Let’s see.

Key ingredients and claims

My take on the product: The texture of the lotion is just like any creamy cleanser. Plus the scent is also not too overpowering. In fact if there is one thing I love about the products from this brand is their fragrance. It literally takes you to heaven. I just love it (I know I’m being over dramatic. But you know what I mean hehe 😜) So I would damp my skin before applying this on my face then rub it off via cotton pad. It cleanses extremely well even makeup. Then I will use my daily face wash whatever I have been using at the time.

Overall I loved this for my skin. My face felt incredibly smooth, shiny and clean. It didn’t precipitate my acne nor it cured them. There was no increase in greasiness on my face. I highly recommend to oily dry combo any skin type girls or boys out there.

Positive points

  • My face felt squeaky clean, glowing and moisturized.
  • Fragrance is heavenly.
  • Cleans away all impurities.
  • Easily affordable. Rs 95 per 100ml.

Negative points

  • Not easily available
  • No other negative points available.

My rating: 5/5

Thanks for reading and staying till end.

See you soon in my next post.

Weekly Challenges for my Blog

I have decided from this August, 2020. I will be doing weekly challenges for my blog so as to help myself and also to share my life struggles.

So this time I’ll do one’s best and let’s see how it will go. The challenges will be:

  • Weekly no spend challenge where I will buy only things that will be absolute necessary to me and disregard any unused unhealthy things (because I am currently struggling from compulsive buying behaviour which I have to get rid of)
  • Weekly Body goals challenge. Yes you people read it right, I’ll be tracking my body weight in inches, study my diet habits, my tips on herbal teas and I will share the experiences which I will be facing.

So let’s move on with this newest blog series of mine and have fun while I conquer my greatest fears.

This place GGSMCH, Faridkot, Punjab

So I recently just started out my second year in my residency in the department of Psychiatry. Do I feel the same as before or have I changed?

The answer to this question feels just weird because then it looks like that I have changed to the person who I was in my college years. I guess reevaluating myself has proven just the boon for me because at one time I felt as having anxiety is part of me. But when I had pondered over, it just felt that I had never been that kind of a person.

Yet whenever I go through these stages in my life, I have realized it’s so much better to not to give up as that would have been highly disrespectful to myself. The days are passing by and I’m learning what you have to go through by being a psychiatrist. I’m yet to become a better one if not the best.

Because of these pandemic times, I was also asked to do the covid duties and because of some unfortunate circumstances, I was put into quarantine which was hell lot of stressful. The horrible bouts of depression, anxiety, homesickness and loneliness kept on piling up. It was to the extreme where the day I joined back in my department, I had never felt so relieved.

I know we all can go through this if we put our heart and mind into it. I just wonder when all of this had become part of us growing up. Likewise those age groups might not make you an adult just as what you experienced while becoming aged.

Thank you for reading my sort of personal struggle at my own workplace.

See you soon in the next post ❤😊