Review of Astaberry Wine face wash

Astaberry age defying wine face wash

Reviewing Astaberry Age Defying Wine Face wash.

Since my skin is oily and Suffers from hormonal acne; I was in a desperate hunt for a face wash which would moisturize my face, won’t dry it out or cause any acne and at the same time cleanses out my skin.

Key ingredients and claims

This wine face wash claims to contain red grapes extract which might help in removing surface fine lines and improving the skin elasticity.
This was the product which was featured in one of my Instagram reels. Do I loved using it?

🍷 The scent of the product is very overpowering. It makes my nose itchy too and I have to take time for some adjustment.

🍷 packaging is travel friendly and leak proof. One can easily see the amount of product being used up.

🍷It lathers well keeping my skin clean, moisturized and fresh.

🍷 This product didn’t break out on me and I felt like it did its job well in being a cleanser. It’s just an average cleanser which is easily available and is affordable on budget.

Do I recommend it? I seriously don’t recommend it to sensitive skinned people as its scent is extremely odorous and it might affect them. And this quality of the product outweighs the benefits which it provides. #purchasedmyself

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Naturali Damage Repair Shampoo Review

Reviewing Naturali Damage Repair Shampoo, as we all saw the tv advertisement of this shampoo clearly stating on how it effectively cleanses hair in return making them healthier and shinier than before. I myself was fascinated with the ad and hence wanted to try a new haircare product.

Lets see how it fared on me.

🤎 The packaging of the product is opaque so I can’t see the amount of the product.
🤎 I have used this product as a stand alone and as well as along with my conditioner. By using it without any conditioner: it makes my hair clean and healthy. Although the moisturization is required, I can still feel It definitely made my hair smooth.
Of course with the conditioner: my hair feels incredibly smooth, shiny and frizz free. It can easily be my go to product during these hot humid months. Therefore, I really loved using this product even though being a shampoo it cannot reverse the damage but I am definitely gonna repurchase it.

Pros: easily available, even without conditioner it helped smoothened out my hair, cruelty free.

Cons: cannot comment on reversing the damage of hair since its a shampoo and it works only on the surface.

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Kaya Youth Hydro Replenish Refreshing facial mist Review

During these summer months some of us like to use facial mists on skin, I was on a hunt on finding one. So I had bought it and have been using it continuously for a month and therefore I think I can share my experience for the same.

🌿 The packaging of the product is in a pump dispenser which makes it easy for me to directly spray it on my skin. The mist is also quite fine and feels refreshing onto the skin.

🌿 The scent is similar to that of @kayayouth hydro replenish sleeping pack which was also another wonderful product from the brand that I had reviewed on my wordpress blog.

🌿 I have an oily skin which is prone to deep cystic acne therefore trying various products can be tricky for my skin but this mist actually helps in making my skin feel fresh and have relieved my existing acne. Obviously, it hasn’t cured them but I can definitely see the glow it provides. So guys, I definitely recommend using this product but sadly they have stopped their production.

Pros: affordable, true to its claims, refreshing
Cons: availability is online

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Review of St. Dvence Tea Tree face wash review

Hello my readers, welcome to my blog. Hope you all enjoy reading my posts and write ups. Today I would like to review a product from a brand St. D’vence and the product is St. D’vence Tea tree face wash. Do I loved it, lets dig on further.

We all know that one of the most difficult concerns for our skin is having deep cystic acne which take time to heal for atleast a month. For me, these pimples have become my best friends since they are part of me, the day I entered adolescence. Do they hurt my self esteem? Of course. Do they make me feel less pretty? Oh yes. Do they make me reject myself everyday? I would say No. Even though it has been more than 10 years for me to suffer, I have come to accept them as a part of me but I still long for that clear acne free skin. Therefore here I am with a review.

This was the sample product which I had gotten from Smytten app and I was able to use it for 25 times. The packaging of the product is made of plastic and I can’t see the amount of product left in the tube. The scent is that of tea tree essential oil. I love the scent. This product has worked wonders for my skin. It deep cleanses my skin making it silky soft and my acne also reduced to a great extent. I truly loved this product and would definitely recommend oily skin people to try it.

Pros: true to its claims; scent is heavenly; deep cleanses the skin well.

Cons: plastic packaging cannot see the amount of product; available online; not suitable for dry skin types

In final words, This face wash is a boon for oily skinned people and it’s definitely a good one.

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Swiss Beauty 24 k Gold skin care serum Review

Hello all, Today I would like to review a product which I had gotten from Swiss beauty The Golden skin serum.

Key ingredients and claims

My experience: After doing my regular skincare routine, I would apply it after toning the skin. The texture is quite perfect for a serum and is not too runny. There are very beautiful gold flakes in the serum which gets dissolved when we apply on the skin. Packaging is made of glass. So, it might not be travel friendly. The dropper is perfect for accuracy and thus the leakage is prevented. I religiously used it and can safely say that, I really enjoyed using it. There were mild changes on the skin in terms of moisturization but my pigmentation stayed put.

Pros: moisturized my skin fairly well; worked perfectly for oily skin; affordable; scent was also not too overwhelming

Cons: not easily available.

In final words, I definitely recommend this product as a great daily night face serum.

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Keya seth Aromatherapy soft and smooth Olive Body oil Review

Today I would like to review a product which is a body oil from the brand Keya Seth. I have always been intrigued in trying out the body oils since my body remains dry during summers and very drying in winters and I recently found this product Keya Seth Olive Body oil from the brand Keya Seth and do I loved it. Let’s see.

Packaging is leak proof and travel friendly. As it is transparent, I was able to determine the usage of the body oil.

Scent of the oil is not too overwhelming and after applying onto the skin, it provides the pleasing sensation.

I have used this product as per the instructions given on the backside of the product. However, I enjoy this product after taking shower. It is non sticky and it doesn’t stain clothes. I love that it is also not heavy for the skin. The moisturization lasts all day and the skin remains supple and soft. Overall I really loved using this product and I highly recommend using it. It’s available on all the internet outlets and also available on their main website also.

Keya seth olive body oil from their main website ( you can click here)

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Modicare Fruit of the Earth Face pack with Neem and Rosemary Review

Today I would like to review a face pack from the brand the modicare and it is Fruitof the Earth face pack with Neem and rosemary. Since I am an acne prone girl, I was in dire need of a pack which could help in soothing and relieving my acne and did it work on me. Let’s see.

Key ingredients and claims:

Packaging is in tube form which makes it easier for me to take out the product. Since it is readymade, it prevents me from hassles of mixing and finding the ingredients.

It has a scent consisting of rosemary which makes it very pleasant to apply.

I apply this face pack two times a week after cleansing and scrubbing the face. After applying an even layer, I wait for it to dry. While it is drying, it gives off the cooling sensation which lingers on till the end. Moreover there is no stretchy feel to the skin which we get usually with clay face masks. With its regular usage, I have felt that my acne has been smoothened out, the pus has gone and the skin doesn’t feel extremely dry.

I actually enjoy using this product and highly recommend it.

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Bella vita organic Papyblem face gel cream review

Hello my dear readers, Today I would like to review another face product which is from brand Bella Vita Organic (for more one can click on the link provided) and that is Bella Vita Organic Papyblem face gel creme.

The cream claims to be helpful in clearing pigmentation while providing youthful and blemish free skin.

Key ingredients: please refer to the picture

Packaging of the product is made up of glass which can be reused for further uses.

Scent of the cream is kind of pleasant and might be overwhelming for sensitive noses.

Texture is kind of aloe gel type and when you apply onto the skin, you get that sticky feel. But this stickiness resolves when the product is applied after face serum.

I incorporated this cream only in my night time routine since it was meant for removing blemishes and pigmentation. I would apply after cleansing, toning following up with face serum which is then I’ll add this cream.

The blemishes didn’t clear or my pigmentation stayed put the way it was before. Although it was moisturising but then, nothing happened. I definitely regretted this purchase.

Pros: ayurvedic, glass packaging, cruelty free, moisturising

Cons: didn’t do anything to my face, online availability

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Spruce Shave Club Activated Charcoal Face scrub Review

After a very long time, I am here for another product review which is a collaboration from a brand i.e. Spruce Shave Club. The brand caters towards various grooming needs for men making them having access towards numerous varieties of products. More about the brand and its catalog, please click here.

In the frame, we have Spruce Shave Club Activated charcoal face scrub which is enriched with Tea tree and peppermint. The scrub claims to unclog pores while removing dead skin cells to speed cell turnover and thus delivering clearer, brighter and healthier skin.

Key ingredients: Please refer to the picture as well as the website.

Packaging of the product– as we can see, it comes in a tube like packaging which makes the product leak proof as well as travel friendly.

Scent of the product- is of citrusy kind which makes a very refreshing start when it is indulged in a morning skincare routine.

Texture of the product- is creamier and grainier. Thus, making it useful as a perfect exfoliator.

Review- Since the product is meant for men, I invited my husband to participate and the review hence, was given to me in his own words.

After cleansing the face, he would use this product onto his skin and would rub it for 1 to 2 min. Following that, he felt his skin didn’t stretch and also, no dry skin was there. He felt his facial skin to be moisturised and cleared out. The product didn’t break out on him and he has been using this for almost 2 times a week. In final words, he loved this product and has 100% recommended this product and the brand.

Pros: true to its claims; doesn’t dry out the skin and is not very harsh, affordable

Cons: no such points I could find for the product.

Thank you Spruce Shave Club for trusting and collaborating with me. It was an honor in working wih you.


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Review of MamaEarth Ubtan Yogurt with Turmeric and saffron

Hello my wonderful people, this time I’ve come up with another product review. Since I love doing these and I’ve always loved written reviews I don’t know why. Today the brand is MamaEarth which is quite a popular brand where they claim to be toxin and chemical free. More about the brand and its various products, you can visit the site by clicking here.

Key ingredients and directions of use

How I used this product: I have an oily skin type which is usually prone to cystic acne. Hence I need to take an utmost care when it comes to my skin. I usually use this product as a day cream after rinsing with my face wash and toner. After using this yogurt cream, I would then follow it up with a sunscreen since it doesn’t contain any SPF. When you look at the product for the first time, you are naturally intrigued because of its name i.e. Ubtan Yogurt and therefore I was also very much keen in trying it. Just when I opened it, the product has no fragrance and therefore its completely safe for sensitive noses. The texture is of extremely milky and yogurt like texture ( which we eat ). Hence I knew from where they came up with a different name. Only a tiny amount is required and it gets fully absorbed into my skin. I just love using this product. The texture is so different and for an oily skin girl unlike others, I don’t like gels for my skin. Hencep

I love that along with moisturization; it doesn’t produce stickiness. Moreover, the ingredients are also pregnant mom friendly. So let’s sum up.

Pros: easily available; affordable; claims to be natural; 100% true to its claims.

Cons: couldn’t find any.

I highly rrecommend this product. My ratings would be ❤❤❤❤❤/5

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