Clean and Clear Foaming Face Wash Review


Hello my friends, I’m here to review a face wash that actually  worked for my adult PCOS acne. But before I carry on with that I would like to explain that My blog will be all about anxiety, pcos, adult acne, hair and makeup. Hope it will help you people.

So this face wash I got it from my local shop named Clean and Clear Foaming Face Wash.

Key ingredients and claims: Exif_JPEG_420

My take on the product: This face wash is quite economical when it comes to the price in which it comes. The scent is just medicine like but not too overpowering. It foams well and cleans out the face properly. It even clears out makeup leaving no residue behind. I absolutely love this face wash for my adult acne as it actually works for my skin. I highly recommend this product face wash for my oily adult skinned people.

Positive points: affordable, easily accessible, true to it’s claims.

Negative points: Except for the use of chemicals I can’t think of any.

My rating: 5/5

Hope you people enjoyed reading my post. 🖤