Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic Pimple Curative oil Review

A person with oily skin or with hormonal acne tends to try products from various brands just to treat their stubborn acne just like me. My skin is oily, prone to cystic hormonal acne and at times the acne severity is enough to lose my expectations for any product. However I love to try various skincare products and therefore I was intrigued in trying from our brand BLossom Kochar Aroma Magic.

This brand has been an age old tried and tested brand since many years and is loved by many. From the brand, I had bought this Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic Pimple curative oil and did it work on me. Let’s see..

My take on the product: The product comes in a leak proof bottle but its made up of glass. Hence its breakable. The texture of the product is just an oily kind which needs to be applied just like one would apply a facial oil. The scent is also not too overwhelming. Moreover Blossom Kochhar’s products acted as a pioneer in aromatherapy, therefore their fragrance never were a problem. After applying this oil, I would follow it up with a night cream or a retinol cream. The oil felt not too greasy and got completely absorbed in my skin. For 20ml, it price ranges to 300₹

It claims in treating and preventing the pimples and for that this product not at all helps. It also helps in balancing out the oil secretion which I feel is right since my face has been looking less greasy the next day. Overall I’m not satisfied with this facial and won’t be purchasing it.

Positive Points

  • balances out the oil secretion
  • Herbal

Negative Points

  • not at all helps in treating or even clearing out the acne.

Thank you guys for reading till end. Hope to see you seen in my next post.

Ways to overcome this long overdue stress in COVID-19.

Hello my Readers, Hope you all have been doing great. I apologize for not being consistent on my blog since this COVID-19 has created a havoc on my mental health.

So anyways, in search of avoiding mental stress I wanted to personally share some of the things I’m doing.

  • Practicing meditation: Yes you people heard it right. If you have been a long term reader on my blog, you might be knowing that I suffer from anxiety. Although the panic attacks subsided one and a half year back, my anxiety crept again 2 months back (ofcourse the reason) and because I can’t do the usual meditation, I’ve started practicing writing meditation which is called as Likhita japa. More about it when you will click on the link provided. I’ve bought a book from Amazon where in that book I would have to write name of any spiritual diety I follow for 108 times a day. I know I’m a God fearer and being a hindu. I worship Lord Shiva. So I would follow this ritual during night time since it calms down my nerves. Moreover there is a very beautiful way to discard these pages. Do try this and let me know🙂

  • Skin care: you know when you take care of yourself, it means that you love yourself. And therefore its important to take some time and follow 10 min routine or even just 3 minute one at AM and PM.
  • Following your passion: when your passion equals to the job you are being assigned to, it can somwtimes get extremely exhausting as well such as a being a doctor during these COVID 19times. Therefore it is very important to learn new hobbies. You can try nail art if you have always loved nail paints, once in awhile reading a good book may not hurt, sometimes one can journal too and sharing creating some good memories through photography and scrapbooking. When you look outside, you will find numerous options.
  • Attitude is everything: It can change you or either break you. Having a positive mindset during these times is a tough job but one needs to train his mind to conquer this negativity inside of him.
  • Spending time with family and friends: When you have special people to talk to and spend time with; life becomes so much easier and less stressful. You feel loved because that’s what you deserve and this is what COVID-19 is costing us. Its teaching us how relations and health is the most priceless jewel of all.

Therefore my dears, COVID-19 is a disease, a tsunami which has caused our lives to turn upside down. But it is in our hands to stand at its feet to defeat it while we keep being strong.

COVID-19 -a disease; a sickness taking lives of many; leaving people being deprived of their loved ones. We need to fight it and become robusty. As dealing with it requires a huge surprise.


Thank you for reading till end. Hope to see you people soon in my next post. ❤

Shahnaz Husain ShaClear plus Anti pimple lotion Review

Shahnaz Husain ShaClear Anti pimple lotion

Have you ever wondered why most of the people with oily skin loves using calamine into their skin routine? Because it relieves itching, helps in healing and also dries out the acne. Its actually quite beneficial. For the centuries, I have been spending my money into Lacto Calamine skin lotion which is by far one of the best I’ve used.

As I am always in a hunt for new products and Shahnaz Husain’s products have always intrigued me despite being the heavier on the prices side. I will review this dude out there I.e. Shahnaz Husain Shaclear Anti pimple lotion.

First of all the packaging, its opaque. One cannot see how much the product is left. Then the cap, it fits properly but falls off soon and when you take out the product, it spills all over.

◇ Scent is rose kind. Its not too Overpowering for sensitive noses.

◇ Texture: of the product is extremely runny. You have to shake the bottle every time you use it.

◇ after effects and claims: It dries out the skin. Hence its best to be used in summers. Okay now to the claim part, its actually extremely disappointing product. Yup you heard it right. Apart from drying my skin out, it doesn’t do anything and just because its extremely expensive I’m trying to complete it as fast as possible.

My ratings: 1/5.

Will I recommend: Ofcourse never.

Thank you for reading till end. See you soon.

Deyga Tea tree toner and Acne Control face pack Review

Skin toners are used in the skincare regimen which is followed by cleansing. These toners balance out the ph of the skin and help in tightening of pores.

For the reason, I incorporated this skin toner from the brand Deyga into my skincare regimen. Along with I had also included the face pack from the same brand. Deyga Organics is originated from Tamil Nadu, India and they claim to be 100% natural. For more information, please click on the link. (

**These products I had received from the brand, but opinions are 100% honest.

Key ingredients and claims

My take on both the products

Deyga tea tree toner: I’ve used this product as spray mist on my face and also by applying it with the cotton ball. The packaging is 100% travel friendly and scent of the product is also not too overpowering. I enjoyed using this product. Although my acne is hormonal and I didn’t expect them to disappear. This toner didn’t precipitate them. I loved using it. In final words, I highly recommend this product.

Deyga Acne Control Face pack: This face pack is to be prepared either by mixing it with Deyga tea tree toner or simple water. While creating a paste, it is then kept on the face for about 20 min. When I had mixed it with toner, my acne got aggravated. But when I had mixed it with water and used it on daily basis. It didn’t aggravate them, while it soothed my acne. Hence, for this product to work I guess I required some manipulation. But overall, I thoroughly enjoyed using this.

Positive points: Toner and face pack both worked well, herbal

Negative points: Only available online.

Thank you Deyga Organics for sending me these products to try. I loved using them although I Apologize for not being able to review them as early as possible.

See you guys in my next post.

Review of Kaya youth Hydro Replenish Ultimate Hydration sleeping pack

For the first time I wished to try the sleeping face masks. Ofcourse for a hormonal cystic acne prone like me, it can be a demonic experience. But I ( as a skincare junkie couldn’t control, so I had to try from this famous brand Kaya Youth) For more info, you can click on the link.

Sleeping face masks are to be applied just like a night cream and it is required to be kept for overnight. Although it acts as a night cream, it cannot be applied on daily basis for it can be exceptionally stronger than the usual night cream. Hence its advised for these masks to be used on alternate basis.

Key ingredients and claims

Did I enjoy this product, let’s see: First and foremost I adore the packaging. For the product and its claims, It does look pricey. But when it comes to night skin care, almost all products are slightly more expensive than the day skincare products. The scent of this leave on mask takes you to other world ( yes, I know I always become over dramatic). Hence sensitive noses you have to keep that in mind when buying the product. The texture is equivalent to a cream & one can apply it after just like we follow a night routine. Its extremely hydrating. The best part about this leave on mask is that its after effects are amazing. This product will provide boon to dry dehydrated skin. So, do I love it? Yes I do.


  • True to its claims
  • Fragrance is extremely soothing
  • It provides that heavenly glow
  • Best for dry, dehydrated skin
  • For PCOD acne, one can use it as it didnt cause acne in fact it calmed down the existing ones.


  • Not easily available, had to go through online.
  • Not affordable

My rating:❤❤❤❤.5/5 (4.5/5)

In final words, I highly recommend this beauty. You can buy it from their website or from Flipkart, links are provided.

Kaya Youth


Thank you for reading till end and see you soon in my next post.

Trying to learn…

Whenever I feel like I’m starting to overcome a very important phase in my life, I should let myself deal with it. I should try to make peace with it. Right. But then why am I not able to do it?

There is this dark grey cloud of expectations of people hanging above me, which can any time rained down ruining my personal experience. People are emotional vampires but at the same time, I dont want to please them. Without pleasing anyone in return, I want to perform extremely well. Yet at the same time, its getting harder every day.

My in charge praised me one day, now I feel like I’m disappointing him. It hurts so much. How can I overcome this. Then I decided to try to learn something such as trying to learn to be patient and not being in a hurry.

On pinterest I found out that, the easiest way can be where I will try for mindfulness technique then pausing to learn to think before speaking. I hope these things might help because I know there will come a day when my shortcomings will get the better of me.

Review Baidyanath Olive Body oil

We all try to moisturize ourselves after bathing. And I’m that girl who prefers to use either body oil or body lotion. So I was browsing over internet to buy some body care products. One of them was from the brand called Baidyanath.

Let us see how it fared on me.

My take on the product: I have an extremely dry body skin. Hence even in summers I have to use either body lotion or body oil after bathing. In winters I would mix body lotion with body oil to get the heavy moisturizing effect. This body oil is so soothing on skin and while containing sandalwood fragrance makes it more aromatic. While I apply it after bath, this maintains my skin soft and not so oily. It feels just perfect on skin.

My ratings: ❤❤❤❤❤/5

I highly recommend this body oil.


  • True to its claims
  • Affordable
  • Herbal


  • Not easily available offline.

Overall my experience in using this oil has been amazing. I highly doubt that this product won’t work for me.

Thank you guys for reading till end. See you in my next post. 🙂

Life lately…

Today I would like to share my thoughts on How am I handling what life is offering me?

This life is not what used to be; the fact where I used to be ‘myself ‘ and now it has become so puzzling. Even its pieces are difficult to get sorted.

Although my anxiety has stopped taking over me and also I have started being more of myself again with new day and new beginnings. It’s still tough to let you strive for coming times.

My life has been bitter sweet to me this year. Ofcourse I know that COVID 19 pandemic has affected almost each human soul who has been breathing the oxygen on this earth. Hence I was also.

It took someone precious away from me, realizing how one’s life stirred so many feels into the hearts of one’s loved ones. There is a reason why they are seemed to be called your family.

But there is an irony as well, I’m also getting married in coming months. It’s quite funny when you start to blame your life for being so cruel, it starts giving you another reason for you to believe in and be positive in every waking step of your life.

Whenever I tried and lost my balance, I seemed to change the steering wheel of my own life car but guess, there is always a U turn for yourself. This is how uncertainty arises.

Nevertheless I wish to continue to strive for best. Life lately has not been as fulfilling but it will be in coming years. Thanks to that Almighty.

Thank you guys for reading till end. It was just my rant on how my life was in 2020. May it will give me more reasons to love. Till then see you soon in my next post. 🙂❤

Review of Khadi Mauri Peel off mask

There was the time when I use to believe in peel off masks like hell. They played on my skin so beautifully. I would love how they felt on my skin while after peeling how they will make my skin cool. But with time, I’ve felt that peel off masks just won’t do anything. I’ve never felt the usual glow not even those nourishing qualities one can ever expect. But this is actually the last time I’m applying the peel off mask from the brand called Khaudi Mauri Herbals Peel off mask and did I love it. Let’s see.

My take on the product: The product is quite thick as we can see it comes in a bottle. Therefore to open it out, it gets quite cumbersome just to take out the product. Moreover the product comes in the form of jelly kind of texture as we already know it’s a peel off mask. Now to its claims, I literally don’t feel that it does anything to my skin. Infact I feel like it just adds just layer of product onto my skin which gets peeled off after a while. Overall, my experience is poor and I wont recommend it for a purchase.

Positive points: herbal; easily affordable, made in India.

Negative points: It just doesn’t work; didnt cause acne but didnt even took care of the skin.

Thank you guys for reading till end. Hope to see you soon.

P.s. I wont be continuing onto my weekly challenge posts. They will be on hold.

Aroma magic mineral glow scrub Review

We all love to exfoliate our skin on weekly basis so as to clear out the dead skin that’s why in a skincare routine weekly scrubbing is almost as important as daily cleansing toning and moisturizing routine. Therefore I bought this scrub to see whether it worked for oily cystic hormonal adult acne prone skin or not.

Key ingredients and claims

The thing about scrubs for oily skin is very rarely face scrubs might work for the skin. As most of the time these face scrubs have a quite amount of creamy texture that can precipitate acne. I had one face scrub from the brand called the bodycare which was lavender based. Although it scrubbed quite well, the acne I got another day was horrible. So its important for any product to see whether it’s working for skin or not is to atleast let it use for 1 to 2 day. Then atleast half of the thoughts can be gathered.

Whether I liked it or not: We all know that Blossom Kochar’s Aroma Magic is a made in India brand, which I have been trying and love for quite some time. This face scrub comes in a durable packaging and where the texture is not too creamy but the granules are extremely fine to use. I have been using this product on twice weekly basis. There is also written that this product can also be used as a face pack, but I never tried it for the same. So do I recommend it? I would say that yes. It’s perfect for oily skin and the scent is also not too overwhelming.

Positive thoughts

  • Easily available and affordable
  • Herbal
  • An old staple brand present in India for a while
  • Made in India
  • True to its claims

Negative thoughts

  • Not found any.

My rating: 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤/5 (5 hearts)

Thank you for reading till end. Hope to see you in my next post. 😊