Weekly Glamorous Favourite #3

#3Week From 12th May, 2019 to 19th May, 2019

This week my favourite would be a drama which I’ve been watching since it has started. It is called Ek Bhram Sarvagunn Sampanna. It’s an Indian tv serial, and airs From Monday to Friday on Starplus. The drama is actually portraying how one is affected so much in her childhood that she & Her sister are on the path to take revenge from the family who have indirectly or tortured them in their childhood and now they are living there with fake identities. I’m enjoying every bit of it’s story although I was not much into Indian tv. As it’s been understood, the genre of this series is Thriller, suspense and it’s quite intriguing to watch. Watching this show has also dramatically helped my anxiety as I look forward in taking breaks. I highly recommend this to watch. It also can be watched online on Hotstar.

See you guys soon next week for another random favourite of mine!


Review of Roop Mantra Cucumber Face wash

We all know How much we crave a blemish free, flawless and youthful skin. In trying to achieve that we start to find various products suited for our skin. Hence to curb my existing acne and blemishes, I tried this face wash along with its cream. In this blog, whereas I’ll be discussing about face wash.

Whether I liked it or not: I use this product twice a day. It comes in a tube form as you can see. Therefore it’s not travel friendly. In fact I hate face washes in tube, but I almost find each and every face wash in tube so I simply cannot decide on this factor as I’m a skincare junkee. The product itself comes in a gel and it lathers well. I just love the fact that it keeps my skin clean and clear. Now to the acne part, It just cleans out my skin. It doesn’t help in preventing or curing my cystic adult acne. It definitely helps keep oiliness at bay for 3 to 4 hours. Therefore it’s perfect for oily skinned girls like me. Other than that it’s just an average product.

My Rating: 🖤🖤🖤/5

Pros: easily available; helps clear oiliness; affordable; ayurvedic

Cons: Doesnt help clearing out acne whether existing or preventing new ones; Not helpful in scarring.

In final words, I will not be buying this face wash. I prefer clean and clear face wash over this. Also there are other brands from which I would like to try.

Thank you for reading and staying till end. See you soon!

Weekly Glamorous Favourite #2

Week #2

This week I would like to discuss the favourite thing of mine that has been the book I’m currently reading which is Erich Segal’s The Class. I simply love this book. I’m enjoying how the various protagonists are given equal importance & how their lives are changing from joining one prestigious institution such as Harvard and then till their daily struggles of being a common man.

This novel keeps on teaching me how it’s important to find yourself in this world of uncertainty and How to keep on loving, holding on and never to give up.

I had read someone’s review that this novel is one of those reads that explain how this book is so much better than the normal Tv series.

Honestly speaking I won’t be discussing much about this novel. It’s a worthful read. It changes one’s perspective towards this life. I definitely recommend this read.

Some Unattainable Dreams!

She wanted to become a Psychiatrist.
But Our Society just turned her dreams down; Not for being a Doctor but by being a Saviour of a guy who could have just lost his life.

Society made her mental? For the guy who doesn’t need this anxiety, simply wants a therapist.
A superhero can come in various forms even a doctor reading & unwiring your brains will do. Only society needs a change.

For she thought she could sacrifice her desires of helping mentally challenged.
Being aware of, how mentally disturbed our culture was!.


Dear Anxiety

How are you?! I just met with you yesterday when I was with him. Why did you come and interfere?

You Know we have a very dear and strong relation which can’t be broken even with my personal bond with someone like him.

It’s ironic of how I want to stop this, yet it continues to drive me crazy. So, this anxiety is torturous. It has given my life a meaning; which I haven’t even decipher yet. It’s not that I can’t live being in this state. It’s just that this anxiety has taught me to see of how people would react around me. I’m clueless sometimes why this keeps on happening. But it happened, when I was with him. When he was curious, why the hell I was acting different. He is different. He is caring, different, accepting of me. Yet it keeps on giving me goosebumps. In fact, he even proposed to me. It’s just that I don’t know how to react sometimes. I’m just like a baby in our relation; immature and transparent. But guess what I’ve spoken to him regarding my anxiety & what it is doing to our relationship. He seems to be understanding me.

Whereas At the the same time, Anxiety is whispering “I wonder for how long.”

Weekly Glamorous Favourite #1

So, I’ve decided to try out a new series on my blog. Once a week, I’m going to objectify my personal space and try to inculcate into the blog; letting you know one favourite thing I did, which helped glamorifying my life.

This week, I would like to share the product which I’ve been continuously wearing during my hospital duty hours.

The product is Coloressence Lipstick in Shade Nude Suede; When it came into market I immediately bought it as the color attracted me. I love it that this baby is affordable. I absolutely love it’s fragrance too.

However it stays on me only for about 3 to 4 hours. After that, it gets completely removed. Ofcourse, it transfers well & fades off whenever I eat or drink.

Despite having cons of these kinds, I still love this as it’s a lipstick which I had when I just started into my makeup for the first time.

Hence, It definitely coloured my life this time. ❤

So see you guys next week with another Weekly Glamor of mine. 🙂

Review Jovees Skin toner honey

Hello people, today I would like to review a skin toner which recently I have started been using & have incorporated into my daily skincare routine. It’s from a brand Jovees called Skin Toner Honey.

It claims to refreshes and cleanses.

Claims & Key Ingredients:

My take on the product: As we can see that the toner comes in a spray bottle, so it is leak proof and travel friendly. The color of the toner is so pretty anyways. The scent is also not too overpowering or even mild. I am using the product for over two weeks. I am actually enjoying it for my face. it really refreshes you. It hasn’t broken out neither it has cleared anything. Overall it’s a decent product. I definitely enjoyed it would like to purchase it again.

Pros: Travel friendly; true to it’s claims; affordable

Cons: Couldn’t find any!

My rating: ♥️♥️♥️♥️/5